Introducing a
better way to test
for sleep apnea

Lab-quality results without the lab

The Bresotec solution gives sleep healthcare professionals a better way to test for sleep apnea. Requiring just two wireless contacts, the test delivers lab-quality accuracy in the comfort and safety of the patient’s own home.


Two wireless contacts

Easy data management


Lab-quality results without the lab

High test success rate


Comfortable and convenient

Fast results

More than

22 million Americans

suffer from sleep apnea


When sleeping is

The vast majority of people with sleep apnea don’t know they have it, either because they’re unaware of it or have resisted being tested. Frequently downplayed as an annoying snoring problem, sleep apnea is a serious and growing medical condition that’s linked to higher mortality rates due to stroke, cardiovascular disease and accidents caused by fatigue.

Sleep apnea explained

Sleep apnea is a serious sleep disorder that causes people to briefly stop breathing while they sleep. This happens when soft tissue in the airway collapses and cuts off oxygen. These dangerous episodes can last for seconds or minutes and can occur many times during sleep. Certain factors, such as age and obesity — which is on the rise — increase the incidence of sleep apnea.

Who is Bresotec?

Bresotec is a team of health experts and entrepreneurs that is alleviating the cost, complexity and health burden of sleep apnea. Our work provides healthcare professionals and their patients with a better, simpler sleep test that reduces the cost of sleep testing without compromising lab accuracy.

Latest News

Bresotec’s BresoDX1 for At-Home Sleep Apnea Testing Receives FDA 510(k) Clearance

Read the full press release HERE

Bresotec Medical gets published in Dove Medical Press. Read our peer reviewed paper on Respiratory Motion and Airflow Estimation During Sleep Using Tracheal Movement and Sound HERE

Bresotec’s CMO and Co-Founder, Dr. Douglas Bradley is the recipient of Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR)/Canadian Sleep Society Distinguished Lecturer Award in Sleep Sciences for 2021.

Bresotec Medical included in list of Top Medical Device Startups and Companies (2021)

Spotlight on

  • Founded by a team with proven sleep healthcare expertise and a successful track record for bringing medical device technologies to market
  • Leverages the experience of a three-year research product in the Canadian market
  • Product development and first round of successful testing completed
  • Patented technology uses breath sounds and movement for sleep apnea diagnosis
  • Proprietary software uses advanced AI to analyze data and score data
  • Cost, accuracy and simplicity are attractive to physicians, patients and payers

“The Bresotec approach has real potential to improve at home sleep apnea testing. Doug Bradley and the Bresotec team have an innovative approach to meeting the challenges and opportunities of sleep diagnosis in the current environment.”


Dr. John Kimoff, MD
Director, Sleep Laboratory, Royal Victoria Hospital, Montreal, Canada