A System For Portable Sleep Apnea Diagnosis Using An Embedded Data Capturing Module

 In Research Publications

Alshaer H, Levchenko A, Bradley TD, Pong S, Tseng WH, Fernie GR. J. Clin. Monit. Comput. 2013; 27:303.

We studied 49 subjects who used a portable device (BresoDX) at home of whom 32 also had simultaneous PSG on another night. 11 also had a second home test. There was a strong relationship between portable AHI and PSG AHI (R=0.96). 9 of the 11 (82%) subjects had equivalent results on both home nights. Our results confirm strong agreement between AHI derived from the portable device vs PSG, and excellent usability of the portable device for assessment at home.