About Us

Engineering sleep. Advancing health.

Bresotec provides sleep physicians, patients and payers with exceptionally easy, exceptionally
advanced sleep testing solutions. Our team of physicians, engineers, medical inventors and
product commercialization experts is dedicated to shaping the future of health care.

Our leadership team

Peter Bloch

Peter Bloch

Chief Executive Officer

More than 25 years of experience leading
healthcare and technology companies, including
large pharmaceutical and earlier stage medical
device and biotechnology companies.

Douglas Bradley

Douglas Bradley, MD, FRCPC, FCAHS

Chief Medical Officer, Co-Founder and Co-Inventor

Respirologist, Professor of Medicine and Director of the
Division of Respirology, and the Centre for Sleep Medicine
and Circadian Biology at the University of Toronto; directs
the Sleep Research Laboratories of the Toronto
Rehabilitation Institute and Toronto General Hospital.

Jackson Yu

Jackson Yu, B.Sc.

Vice President, Engineering

Close to 20 years in medical device leadership roles in
research and development, manufacturing, supply
chain, quality assurance and regulatory affairs.

Bruce Brown

Bruce Brown

Vice President, Sales and Marketing

Twenty years leading global marketing strategy
for medtech companies, both large
internationals and small start-up organizations.