Comparison Of In-Laboratory And Home Diagnosis Of Sleep Apnea Using A Cordless Portable Acoustic Device

Alshaer H, Fernie GR, Tseng WH, Bradley TD, Sleep Medicine. 2015; 15:2041

The objectives of this study were to: 1) test the validity of BresoDX, a portable sleep apnea monitoring system, for determining the apnea-hypopnea index (AHI) versus that derived from simultaneous polysomnography (PSG), and 2) determine the accuracy and reliability of using BresoDX to quantify the AHI in the unattended home setting. 135 subjects underwent full overnight PSG and simultaneous recording by BresoDx, in the sleep laboratory. A subset of 100 subjects had subsequent overnight unattended BresoDX  recordings in their own homes on a separate night.


There was 95% correlation (see Figure) between the AHI determined by BresoDx (AHI-BresoDx) and that by simultaneous PSG (AHI-PSG). Of the 100 subjects who underwent home testing by BresoDx, the mean home AHI did not differ from that derived from PSG (12.8 ± 12.1 vs 13.9 ± 13.8, p = 0.60). Using the diagnostic AHI cutoffs of ≥ 10, 15 and 30 (for identifying severe cases), the areas under the receiver operating curves were 0.84, 0.86 and 0.86, respectively, indicating very good sensitivity and specificity for home diagnosis of sleep apnea.


BresoDX is highly accurate in determining the AHI compared to simultaneous PSG, and has good sensitivity and specificity in diagnosing sleep apnea at various AHI cutoffs when used unattended at home. It is therefore a feasible and reliable means for diagnosing sleep apnea at home.