In-Hospital Diagnosis Of Sleep Apnea In Stroke Patients Using A Portable Acoustic Device

 In Research Publications

Ryan CM, Milton K, Bradley TD, Alshaer H. Sleep and Breathing. 2017; 21:453.

Sleep apnea (SA) is common in stroke patients, but often undiagnosed due to disability and inaccessibility of PSG. 23 stroke patients used BresoDX, and 78% of them had SA (AHI≥15) on simultaneous PSG. The correlation between AHI from BresoDX and PSG was 0.91. BresoDX had 90% sensitivity, 85% specificity and 87% accuracy for diagnosing SA (AHI≥15) vs PSG.

Therefore, BresoDX is both feasible and accurate to diagnose SA in stroke patients.