What is BresoDX®?

The easiest way to study sleep.

BresoDX® is a personal home sleep test that transforms the precision of a sleep laboratory into an accessible solution fit for any bedroom any night.

Its’ cordless technology is engineered so that it delivers unmatched simplicity, without sacrificing accuracy, and designed with physicians and patients in mind.

BresoDX® is worn over the nose and mouth and captures multiple data streams by using two channels, a microphone and an accelerometer. Breath sounds and head movements are recorded for up to eight hours of sleep, and a BresoDX® Sleep Study report is generated and then interpreted by your sleep physician.

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BresoDX® is used to diagnose obstructive sleep apnea in adults.

Accurate Home Sleep Study

BresoDX® has been validated in several clinical trials, and provides:

  • A 95% agreement of the AHI to the PSG standard*1
  • Reliable scoring algorithm for consistent data analysis
  • Testing in a natural home sleep environment

*1For AHI ≥ 10, the sensitivity and specificity of BresoDX® are 87% and 96% respectively, with an overall accuracy of 91%.

Optimal In The Clinic

BresoDX® is a personal home sleep test that allows clinics to:

  • Grow clinical practice without growing overhead
  • Test many patients on any night
  • Focus on patient care with a ready to use sleep study report
  • Eliminate equipment maintenance

Unmatched Simplicity

BresoDX® offers patients:

  • Simplicity without cables or wires
  • Minimal technical instructions
  • Flexibility to test at home on any night
  • Convenience of owning a personal device which can be used multiple times

For more information on our clinical trials and research, please visit our Research Publications page.